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Journal of Anesthesia Journal of Anesthesia - JARSS: 31 (3)
Volume: 31  Issue: 3 - 2023

Pages I - 0 (102 accesses)

2.Advisory Board

Pages II - IV (96 accesses)


Pages V - VI (80 accesses)

4.Laparoscopic Surgery and Anesthesia
Begum Nemika Gokdemir, Nedim Cekmen
doi: 10.54875/jarss.2023.63496  Pages 173 - 187 (248 accesses)

5.Comparison of Sevoflurane Inhalation Anesthesia and Total Intravenous Anesthesia with Propofol in Terms of Postoperative Sore Throat and Nausea/Vomiting in Septorhinoplasty Cases
Meral Erdal Erbatur, Andac Dedeoglu, Okan Andic, Resit Saruhan, Recep Gokce, Osman Uzundere, Erhan Gokcek, Cem Kivilcim Kacar
doi: 10.54875/jarss.2023.26879  Pages 188 - 196 (122 accesses)

6.The Impact of Hematological Parameters on Pain Relief After Transforaminal Epidural Steroid Injection
Samet Sancar Kaya
doi: 10.54875/jarss.2023.57614  Pages 197 - 202 (93 accesses)

7.Comparison of Epidural Catheter Migration in Three Different Techniques of Catheter Fixation: A Prospective Randomised Study
Vidarshna Viburajah, Venkatesh Selvaraj, Sree Kumar E J, Sathish Kalyan
doi: 10.54875/jarss.2023.59480  Pages 203 - 209 (92 accesses)

8.Effect of Serum Uric Acid Level on Severity of Respiratory Failure and Mortality in COVID-19 Critical Patients
Ümmügülsüm Gaygısız, Lale Karabıyık
doi: 10.54875/jarss.2023.75508  Pages 210 - 216 (81 accesses)

9.Comparision of Ketofol and Midazolam-Fentanyl Sedoanalgesia Methods in Septoplasty Operations
Bilge Olgun Keleş, Menşure Kaya, Serpil Şavlı, Fatih Arslan, Cemile Açıkgöz Yıldız, Elvan Tekir Yılmaz
doi: 10.54875/jarss.2023.35693  Pages 217 - 221 (78 accesses)

10.The Effect of Spinal and General Anesthesia on Thiol-Disulfide Balance During Ischemia/Reperfusion of the Leg in Patients Undergoing Knee Replacement Surgery
Esma Meltem Simsek, Semsi Mustafa Aksoy, Nurettin Manti, Ozcan Erel, Salim Neselioglu, Ahmet Firat
doi: 10.54875/jarss.2023.35492  Pages 222 - 229 (117 accesses)

11.Prognostic Markers in COVID-19 Patients in Intensive Care: Can Hemostatic Parameters Predict Mortality?
Duygu Kayar Çalılı, Ali Yasin Özercan, Halil Demirçakan, Selman Ünal, Serdar Başboğa, Yılmaz Aslan, Deniz Erdem, Demet Bölükbaşı, Seval İzdeş
doi: 10.54875/jarss.2023.55822  Pages 230 - 238 (84 accesses)

12.Approaches of Neurosurgeons and Orthopedists to the Protocol for Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) in Spinal Pathologies: A Single Center, Survey Study
Gokcen Emmez
doi: 10.54875/jarss.2023.96729  Pages 239 - 248 (90 accesses)

13.Combined Therapy in Severe Valproic Acid Intoxication
Fatma Erseven
doi: 10.54875/jarss.2023.21704  Pages 249 - 251 (106 accesses)

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