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General Information

General Information

The Journal of Anesthesiology and Reanimation Specialists’ Society (JARSS) has designed its editorial and publication processes in compliance with national and international guidelines.

The Editorial Board is fully authorized to accept or reject the articles sent to the journal with justification, to request corrections from the authors, and to correct spelling and editing errors.

For the submitted articles to be published, all authors, notably the corresponding author, should pay maximum attention to the following issues:

  • Copyright infringement should be avoided at all costs.
  • The corresponding author submitting the article should submit the permissions obtained from all authors.
  • In some cases, researchers should have obtained permission from their mentors and co-authors before submitting their manuscripts.
  • The article should not have been fully or partially published in any other journal.
  • If the article has been previously submitted to another journal, it should have been withdrawn in accordance with the rules.
  • The article should not have been sent to any other publication simultaneously.
  • An application should be submitted to the editorial office if the article is requested to be withdrawn at any point. An article can only be withdrawn in compulsory and unavoidable circumstances.
  • A form signed by all authors should be submitted in case of withdrawal of the manuscript. The form is available in the journal's editorial office. The form can be requested by e-mail.
For all studies submitted for publication to the Journal of Anesthesiology and Reanimation Specialists’ Society, authors are required to submit ORCID data. ORCID provides a permanent digital identity that sets researchers apart. In addition to identifying both citations and statistics of your research with your identity, an authenticated ORCID account allows you to log into journal agents with a single step and switch between any journals for which you are registered as an author, reviewer or editor. For more information about ORCID and to create an account, visit

More than two works by the same author cannot be published as the first name in the same issue of the journal.

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